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Work more energetically at home with Sit-Stand T-RIX

This elegant, height adjustable Sit-Stand converts any table into a standing workstation in a split second. This way, you stay in motion and prevent physical discomfort. As a result you will have more energy left at the end of the day. Try to work in a standing position for a few hours and notice the difference!

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design that works

Design is the creative process of adding value, meaning and quality to a product. T-RIX is specially designed to pursue an active lifestyle, even when working. Anyone can work standing up, wherever they are.

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Stand up, and move

Are you an active person and do you work behind your computer all day? Then T-RIX is just the thing for you. Keep moving during your working day and alternate sitting and standing for better circulation. In turn this will improve your concentration and keeps you energised.

Active work, active play

Do you work at home all day and are tired of sitting behind your screen all day? Then try alternating between sitting and standing and enjoy the difference. Using T-RIX you will protect your back if you work more than two hours a day in a seated position. This Sit-Stand can be set up on any table in a split second, and with the help of the T-shape you can easily adjust the height to what you find comfortable. In addition, the work surfaces are very stable so that your screen does not vibrate when you type. The perfect ergonomic AND economic solution for working comfortably at home.

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Form follows function

Everything about T-RIX is designed around functionality. Look at the vibration-free shelves, which remain stable at any desired height thanks to the T-shape design and ridge at the back. Without any tools, this Sit-Stand is set up within 20 seconds. In addition, it is a sleek and timeless design that fits into any household thanks to its many colour options.


All the advantages of the T-RIX sit-stand raiser at a glance

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Reviews from our customers

Just received the T-RIX, super handy and very stable, highly recommended.

Hendrik van Dijk, Amerongen

“Eindelijk de stap gemaakt om ook staand te gaan werken. Dit had ik echt veel eerder moeten doen!”

Astrid Hendrikse, Tiel