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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it comfortable to work in a standing position?

Staand werken is wel even wennen. Therefore, build it up slowly and see which activities you can carry out well while standing and which ones are better seated. Ultimately, a good balance will follow and you will experience the benefits of an active (er) work attitude.

How many hours a day is it good to work standing up?

Het advies is om 1 à 2 uur per volle werkdag staand te werken. But that can of course also be more hours.

Why is working in a standing position good for me?

When you are standing, you pump hard 10 times as much blood around your body. Effective blood circulation keeps you mentally and physically sharp. The alternation between sitting and standing reduces the risk of back, shoulder and neck complaints.

For Business

Can my company logo be displayed on T-RIX?

Your own logo engraved in T-RIX as a staff gift, for example. Call or email our service team on 06 52043048 / for the possibilities.

Is it also possible to order on account?

Yes, companies or freelancers can also buy 1 or more T-RIX on account. Call or email our service team on 06 52043048 / We are also happy to make a tailor-made offer for specific wishes such as a different color or the placement of a company logo.


Delivery time and Track & Trace

As soon as we receive the order, T-RIX will be ready for shipment within 2 working days. For this, a Track & Trace number of the shipping company will be sent with which the delivery can be followed.

Is there a carrying case for T-RIX?

No, not yet at the moment. Perhaps it will come in the future. That would make it easier to use T-RIX both at home and in the office. Sign up for the newsletter to stay informed of the latest developments.

Shipping costs

No shipping costs will be charged within the Netherlands.


Where does the name T-RIX come from?

T-RIX originated from the T-Shape with which the shelves for the keyboard and screen are locked. Requirement for the design process was that these would be super stable, in other words as strong as the T-Rex! We then turned it into T-RIX.

Can I place 2 monitors too?

The T-RIX platforms can each support up to 6 kg of weight. Note that heavy parts are placed in the middle for the right balance. 2 monitors next to each other is standard very tight, but there is also the possibility to order 2 large shelves that have been specially developed for 2 monitors, among other things.

What makes T-RIX better than other Sit-Stands

After testing several sit-stand risers from our colleagues, we were sure that our design had to be more stable, flexible and slimmer. The extra slots at the back make the planks extra stable. In addition, several ‘plateau’ options are being developed and the design is slimmer to take up less space on the kitchen table.

How do I clean T-RIX?

The surface of T-RIX can be cleaned with a damp cloth and multi-cleaner.

Does T-RIX scratch my table?

The wooden legs of T-RIX are manually edged and in principle do not leave scratches on hard surfaces.

Is the birch wood water-resistant?

T-RIX is made from FSC birch plywood. This plate-shaped composite material is made up of an odd number of wood veneer layers that are glued together crosswise so that it is extra strong. The special colored top layer is water-repellent.

Can T-RIX also be ordered in other colors?

At the moment T-RIX is available in 6 standard colors: WHITE, BLACK, YELLOW, BLUE, RED and NATURAL lacquered birch wood. For other color options call or email our service team at 06 52043048 /

What is T-RIX made of?

The design is inspired by the ‘no screw no glue’ principle. All parts fit together seamlessly and are made from sustainable FSC wood.

Up to what length is T-RIX suitable?

T-RIX standard is suitable for men and women up to a height of 1.90 meters. T-RIX XL is more than 20 cm higher and can be used by people of more than 2 meters.


Contact the T-RIX team


For business customers there is, among other things, the possibility to have their own logo engraved. In addition, it is also possible to order by means of an invoice. Call or email our service team on 06 52043048 / for the possibilities.