What makes T-RIX unique?

  • Unique T-shape for more stability
  • A slim and timeless design for at home
  • Vibration-free, 70 cm wide keyboard and mouse shelf
  • Robust, 18mm FSC birch wood 
  • for laptop or separate monitor
  • Stand-up working in a split second
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vink 1-year warranty vink Available from stock vink Many colours to choose from vink Dutch design & manufacturing vink No tools required

T-RIX family
6 energetic colours

Move your mouse over T-RIX to see the variety of colours! Sit-Stand T-RIX is made out of durable birch wood and is available from stock. Colours WHITE, BLACK, NATURAL, BLUE, RED and YELLOW.

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Unique design

Good design is timeless and functional. T-RIX is specially designed to pursue an active lifestyle, even when you are working. Anyone can work standing up, wherever you are, and in no time at all.

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Slim design

T-RIX is designed to fit on any table. Only 29 cm wide, it stands as solid as a rock.

t shape

Contemporary T-shape18 mm FSC birchwoodWeight of 6 kgVibration freeReady in 20 seconds

The T-shape gives T-RIX a contemporary look. A subtle shape that functionally provides extra stability. In addition, the shelves are very easy to move up and down.

Robust and strong

Slim design but as strong as a ‘T-REX’. The strong material and robust design ensure a comfortable and active workplace, ideal for alternating between working in a seated or standing position.

18 mm FSC birchwood

We tested several wooden boards, of which 18 mm thicknesses came out on top. Sustainably manufactured in Europe and a safe and solid choice.

t shape

Weight of 6 kg

Any laptop or monitor up to 23 inches is suitable for T-RIX. This can be extended with a number of accessories, including a larger shelf onto which 2 monitors can safely be placed next to each other.

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Ease of use

More and more people working from home who are suffering from back problems are asking for an affordable solution to enable them to work standing up. A solution that fits in any home, with or without a separate office. T-RIX can be placed on any surface. Transform your kitchen or dining table into a smart home office in no time, and vice versa.

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Vibration free

Enjoy looking at your screen without vibrations when typing.

Ready in 20 seconds

T-RIX can be set up by anyone within 20 seconds. Or dismantled again when the table is used for something else.

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Fast delivery

Ordered today, delivered within 2 working days in most countries. We deliver directly from stock.

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Je bedrijfslogo op T-RIX? We zijn flexibel en leveren ook maatwerk oplossingen. Neem hiervoor vrijblijvend contact met ons op.

Persoonlijk advies

We are happy to help you personally with all your questions!

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it comfortable to work in a standing position?

Working in a standing position takes some getting used to. Therefore, build it up slowly and see which activities you can perform well standing up and which ones are better done sitting down. Eventually, a good balance will be achieved and you will experience the benefits of an active posture.

How many hours a day is it good to work standing up?

The advice is to work 1 to 2 hours per full working day in a standing position. But of course, this can also be more hours.

Why is working in a standing position good for me?

When you work standing up, your heart pumps 10 times as much blood around your body. Effective blood circulation keeps you sharp mentally and physically. Alternating between sitting and standing reduces the risk of back, shoulder and neck complaints.

For Business

Can my company logo be displayed on T-RIX?

Your own logo engraved in T-RIX is possible. Call or email our service team at +31 6 52043048 / info@homeofficeshop.nl to discuss the possibilities.

Is it also possible to order on account?

Yes, companies can also buy on account. Call or email our service team at +31 6 52043048 / info@homeofficeshop.nl. We are also be happy to provide a custom quote for specific requests such as a special colour or the placement of a company logo.


Delivery time and Track & Trace

As soon as we receive the order, T-RIX is prepared for shipment within 2 working days. A Track & Trace number from the shipping company such as DHL is automatically sent to you so the delivery can be tracked.

Is there a carrying case for T-RIX?

No, not at the moment. Perhaps it will come in the future. That would make it easier to use T-RIX at home and in the office. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about the latest developments.

Shipping fees

Within the Netherlands and Belgium, no shipping fees are charged.


Where does the name T-RIX come from?

T-RIX was created by the T-Shape which firmly locks the shelves for the keyboard and monitor into place. The requirement during the design process was that these shelves would be super stable, in other words as strong as a T-Rex! We thought it would be fun to continue this association and created T-RIX.

Can I place 2 monitors too?

The T-RIX shelves can carry up to 6kg each. Please note that heavy items are placed in the middle of the shelf for the right balance. 2 monitors next to each other is standard very tight, but there is also the possibility to order 1 or 2 large shelves that are specially designed for 2 monitors.

What makes T-RIX better than other Sit-Stands

After having tested several sit-stands from our colleagues, we knew for certain that our design had to be more stable, flexible and slimmer. The T-shape and extra slits at the back make the shelves extra stable. In addition, additional ‘shelf’ options are in development and the design is slimmer so that less space is required.

How do I clean T-RIX?

The surface of T-RIX can be wiped with a damp cloth and multi-purpose cleaner.

Does T-RIX scratch my table?

The wooden legs of T-RIX are edged manually and do not scratch hard surfaces.

Is the birch wood water-resistant?

T-RIX is made of FSC birch plywood. This composite material is made of a number of wood veneer layers that are glued crosswise to each other so that it is extra strong. The special coloured top layer is water-repellent.

Is T-RIX also available in other colours?

Currently T-RIX is available in 6 standard colours: WHITE, BLACK, YELLOW, BLUE, RED and NATURAL lacquered birch. For other colour options call or email our service team on +31 6 52043048 / info@homeofficeshop.nl

What is T-RIX made of?

The design is inspired by the ‘no screw no glue’ principle. All parts fit together seamlessly and are made of sustainable FSC wood.

Up to what height is T-RIX suitable?

T-RIX standard is suitable for men and women up to a height of about 1.85 metres. T-RIX XL is over 20 cm higher and can be comfortably used by people up to 2 metres tall.