our customers

Eva – 26 years old

Eva has noticed that sitting at home a lot was quite tiring. She was advised by a colleague to also work standing up. T-RIX was a cost effective solution that does not take up too much space in her studio apartment. Besides the fact that she now tries to hold a meeting every day, for example, T-RIX is also used as a screen riser. The laptop then goes on the lowest shelf and the work items are around it. In this way, this sit-stand booster automatically becomes a multifunctional workplace!possibilities are.


Tineke – 54 years old

Tineke’s partner has always worked from home and already had a height-adjustable desk. Now that Tineke also regularly works at home, she did not want to buy an entire desk. After extensive research and comparison, the choice fell on T-RIX. This is flexible and handy, making it easy to store. However, the bottom shelf could be a bit wider so that my forearms are better supported while typing. Furthermore, T-RIX is very pleasing and she has much less problems with her shoulders.


RUUD – 39 years old

Height-adjustable desks were available as standard in the office. RUUD never actually used this to work standing up, because he regularly walked to colleagues for a chat or a cup of coffee. Now, after months of working from home, he would like to get more active. For that reason he bought a T-RIX. He is completely turned over and loves to make team calls while standing and feeling less drowsy at the end of the day. As a tip, the bottom shelf could be slightly larger so that there is more room for quick notes.