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Best sit stand raisers

The top 4 desk risers

also known as standing desk – based on customer reviews:

1. Best Buy – T-RIX (Most Popular)
2. Best desk riser for 2 monitors – T-RIX 2 Monitors (for serious VDU workers)
3. Best large desk riser for tall people – T-RIX XL (for tall people)
4. Best aluminum desk riser – STAN (a sleek look)

The right tools for a pleasant workplace

At the beginning of 2021, the shocking results of a large-scale investigation were on the front page of the newspapers. This research showed that one in three homeworkers suffers from physical complaints. These complaints arise purely because people do not have the right tools at their home workplace.

With the right tools you not only create a pleasant workplace, but also an ergonomic workplace. With an ergonomic workplace you know how to relieve your body perfectly, so that you will not suffer from shoulder, neck or back complaints, for example.

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In this article we pay special attention to a specific kind of aid to be able to work while standing at home; the desk riser .

Why a desk raiser?

Many health experts agree that taking a sitting position for a long time is disastrous for the body. By sitting continuously, your legs are not in a natural position, so that your blood can flow a lot less well through your body.
With a desk raiser you are able to counteract that problem. Thanks to a desk riser you can work standing at your desk or table and your circulation improves. All you need is a desk riser.
By alternating standing and sitting work, you stay more energetic and you get less complaints. It is beneficial for the human body to keep moving and not stay in the same position for too long. This can be done efficiently and effectively with the help of these best desk risers.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a desk riser?

First of all, the desk riser must be adjustable to the desired height for your height. This means that you can type in an upright position as well as look straight ahead at your screen. You can therefore adopt the best ergonomic posture.
In addition, it is important to pay attention to where the desk riser will be used most often. Will it become part of the interior or should it be easy to move? This also applies whether the sit-stand booster is used by the same person or by several people. Therefore, pay attention to the adjustability of the desk riser, but also whether it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Why buy a desk riser?

Are you still in doubt about purchasing a desk riser? Then it is good to think about the work you do in a day. Do you read a lot of reports? Are you video calling every day? Or do you send a lot of emails every day? These are just three examples of activities that you can easily perform while standing. If that works for more than 6 hours in front of your computer, standing working is really something to try!

Choose a desk riser and ensure the perfect working posture.

We now discuss our four best desk risers.

1. The most popular – T-RIX “Energize your life”!

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Colors: white, black, natural, yellow, blue and red

Time to explore T-RIX

This elegant, adjustable sit-stand raiser turns any table into a standing workstation in an instant. This way you keep moving and prevent physical complaints. You also have more energy left at the end of the day; to do other activities. Also try to work standing up for a few hours of the day and notice the difference. Everything from T-RIX is designed in such a way that it benefits functionality. Look at the vibration-free planks that remain stable at any desired height due to the T-shape and ledge at the back. This sit-stand booster can be set up within 20 seconds without tools. In addition, it is a slim and timeless design that fits into every household due to the many colors.
Special features T-RIX

A stable surface can be found at the bottom of this desk riser. A surface that makes the desk riser always very stable and safe on your desk. So you don’t have to worry that this desk riser will unexpectedly collapse and cause damage to your laptop. No, we dare to say that this is an incredibly safe and stable desk riser!
An additional advantage is that this desk riser is also adjustable in height. You are therefore always able to work very ergonomically. Before it gets that far, you must of course install the desk riser. Well, the installation / assembly of this desk riser is also extremely simple.

the highest part is to set up your monitor or laptop, while you can place your keyboard on the other part.
To make it even better: this desk riser with a slim design has the ideal dimensions. The work surface of the low shelf (keyboard and mouse) is 67 x 19 cm and the monitor shelf is 36 cm x 24 cm, while you can adjust the height between 17 and 80 cm.

2. Best desk riser for 2 monitors – T-RIX 2 monitors

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Colors: white and black

T-RIX sit stand riser for 2 monitorsDo you work as a graphic designer or as a designer and do you also want to work standing up? Then this is definitely the best choice to consider T-RIX 2 monitors. This T-RIX has an extra wide shelf of 90cm wide, so you can easily place 2 monitors.

3. Best large desk riser for tall people – T-RIX XL

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Colors: white and black

T-RIX XL SIT STAND for tall people

This extra high adjustable Sit-Stand booster TRIX XL is for people who are taller than 1.85 meters. Do you work from home all day or are you used to regularly working standing up at the office? TRIX XL can be set up in an instant, super stable so that your screen does not vibrate when you type, and can be used on any table.
This gives you sufficient space on the desk riser at all times, while you also work at the ideal height.

4. Best aluminum desk riser – STAN

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Color: aluminum

Aluminum desk riser STAN

This modern aluminum Sit-Stand booster is easily adjustable for standing behind work. Made from sturdy aluminum, this desk riser can be easily folded in and out and is flexible to carry. Ideal for both at home and in the office. STAN is ready for use in no time and can be used on any table. We recommend using STAN in combination with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Have we mentioned all the advantages of these desk raisers?

No definitely not. We have listed the other benefits in the list below:

• Quick to build and quick to remove.
Can be mounted without glue or tools. T-RIX is assembled within 20 seconds. Very nice for the home worker who works at the kitchen table or at the dining table.
• Dutch design & production
T-RIX desk risers are produced and checked in the Netherlands!
• Sustainable birch wood with FSC quality mark
T-RIX contributes to a more sustainable world
• 1 year warranty
Indestructible strong product, and if there is something wrong with it, T-RIX has a 1 year warranty.

Advantages desk riser

So, we have already come to the end of this article. Do you have questions about one or more of the above desk raisers? You can contact the customer service from We would like to close this article with a sincere message from our side: have fun with your new desk riser!


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April 22, 2021