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Variety is key

Everyone knows that standing all day is very tiring, but the same goes for sitting all day. Doing something in the same position for a long time leads to physical complaints. It is therefore not surprising that most offices nowadays offer sit-stand desks as standard – alternating between sitting and standing ensures better blood circulation, which also gives the brain more oxygen. This way you can concentrate better and perform more optimally, which in turn leads to vital and satisfied employees.

How do you create a sit-stand environment at home?

Everyone has a different home, which is much more difficult to set up than an office building. To begin with, it is useful to know what the options are. Below are 3 situations to realize sit-stand work at home:

  1. Do you have a separate office? Then check whether you have enough space and budget to realize an ergonomic workplace just like in the office. That means a well-supporting office chair with a height-adjustable table. These tables can be adjusted in height electrically or manually (also called with a crank). Note: not all desks can be adjusted to standing height, so make it easy.
  2. Do you have a permanent place in the house where you work, but this space is also used for other activities? Then a large desk is probably not desirable. Consider a movable sit-stand riser with separate keyboard. The sit-stand booster is easy to place on a regular table, assemble quickly and takes up little space. This way you can easily alternate and work comfortably sitting or standing.
  3. For example, do you sometimes work at the kitchen table and the other time in the bedroom? Then check if you have at least a separate keyboard and mouse available. In combination with a laptop stand, you can in any case place it well at eye level so that you are not bent over too much. To work standing up, you can find a place in the house, such as a bookcase, where you can place your laptop screen. Or try a sit-stand booster, it can stand in many places and is easy to store. As a last resort, make sure that you can at least participate in meetings on foot with the help of a bluetooth headset. This way you also build more variety in your day.

Additional tips for working in a standing position

If you are not yet used to working standing up, but do you want to try it because sitting all day does not make you happy? Then keep an eye on these tips:

  • Start by performing a number of tasks while standing, such as making a phone call or meeting.
  • Build up the time that you are standing up slowly, in the beginning you can experience it as extra tiring because you are not used to typing upright.
  • Take into account the type of work you do, meeting, making phone calls and answering emails is fine while standing. For high concentration or precision work, it may be more comfortable to sit there.
  • If you find it difficult to get up regularly, consider setting an alarm on your phone to remind you to move every 50 minutes.

Knowing more?

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